Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Roman Holiday

Chelsea tycoon Roman Abramavich is set to star opposite Simon Pegg in the much-awaited sequel to the hit comedy 'Shaun of the Dead'.

In the new blockbuster, set for release in April, Shaun and his friends have to negotiate the streets of the City and Belgravia, dodging dazed and confused investment bankers and financiers.

The outbreak is due to a recessive undead gene, though to be triggered by a regressive unfair tax demand.

In the hilarious finale, filmed this week at London's City airport, Shaun struggles to re-open the beleagured terminal, thereby allowing the hapless victims to leave the country for good.

Pegg enthused about his latest project

"We hadn't planned to make a sequel, but the opportunity to make the world's first non-dom zom rom com was too good to miss."

Alistair Darling is 54.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rowan Williams Must Be Sacked

Archbishop of Canterbury calls for Sharia law

No I am not making this up.

"An approach to law which simply said - there's one law for everybody - I think that's a bit of a danger"

I'm struggling to think of anything MORE dangerous than a code of laws which DOESN'T apply to everybody.

The fact that your imaginary friend can pick and choose your laws you are subject to is a bit frightening. What's next - the Jedi code ?

And this man is supposed to be head of the Church of England. He is a woolly-headed idiot and a disgrace to his position.