Saturday, March 08, 2008

A call to arms

In response to this eye-popping announcement about compulsory fingerprinting for all at UK airports, direct action is now required.

It's no use petitioning the Government, we know they're not listening - we have to hit private companies where it hurts and make them understand what their customers want - make them lobby for us for a change.

Therefore I have posted the following in the comments on the related Telegraph comment article.

Right, enough is enough.

There's only one way to stop this nonsense.

"I will not buy a ticket from British Airways as long as fingerprinting is required"

All those with me respond "Aye"

Let's see

a) If they publish it. EDIT : They have.

b) If anyone responds

Otherwise, that's it, I'm looking for a new country to live in.

Anyone else who feels strongly may leave a comment. But make sure you respond "AYE" at the Telegraph first...