Sunday, June 13, 2010

Canadian Grand Prix

Well, that was a cracker wasn't it ?

So into my F1 these days, and an absolute McLaren convert since the tour of their Technology Centre.

Contemplating a trip to Spa for August Bank Holiday as a late birthday present to myself...


There now follows a transcript of my reaction to ITV HD cutting to an advert and missing the England goal last night. I will leave out the swear words.

Dismal England Performance

No, no, not THAT. I'm talking about the rugby.

We seem to have regressed back to 1991, stick it up your jumper. Australia are building up nicely into an exciting team that is all set to break All Black hearts *again* next year.

It's not good Johnno, it's really not. We need a playmaker at 10 or 12, and we need pace at 13. Picking two bangers in the centre is not going to work in international rugby - they tackle too well. And our backs' kicking out of hand has been consistently poor for so long now its unbelievable this has not been addressed.

Kudos for hanging in there and making a game of it, but I'm afraid Australia's young boys gave our lumbering old men a right run around.


Why is it that when I come under pressure at work, as I have in recent weeks, the first things I sacrifice are the things that help me let off steam (RSS, blogging, Twitter etc) ?

It just means I end up abusing my only remaining outlet - alcohol - which just leads to an ever decreasing spiral of depression.

Going to make a conscious effort to rectify this starting now. It's either that or I'm going to start punching people in the pub.