Monday, October 31, 2005

England in Pakistan 1

Good news - Trescothick scored a ton, the tail wagged, although Matt Prior batting at 10 is going to strengthen just about any lower order.

Bad news - the rest of the top order struggled.

Listening to Banger's interview, it seems the ball moved all over the place early doors and then the pitch went completely flat. Useful local knowledge gained on day one then.

To be honest, apart from getting used to conditions and finding form, England's batting in the warm-up games is a bit of a non-issue - the top seven is a given. The last bowling place on the other hand, is very interesting, with Udal, Loudon, Plunkett and Anderson all in with a shout - I suspect Colly's trundlers won't get a look-in this tour unless one of the batsmen is injured, or Bell's wretched run continues. I reckon it'll be Udal or Anderson, with the final decision coming down to the look of the test pitch, but a good performance by anybody tomorrow will give them a head start on the field.

Man City v Villa

Okay, a fiver says Vassell's going to score a hat-trick tonight - any takers ?

Ah, well that it explains it...

Tired now...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Prussian Blue

This article has to be the most bizarrre news story of the day - 13 year old twin girl popstars belting out white supremacy numbers ? There's just sooo many things wrong with this I don't know where to start....

Monday, October 24, 2005

Speeding Question

Mrs Infoholic has just got a ticket from a mobile speed camera unit. All of 150 yards from our house, the photo supposedly shows her doing 41 mph in a 30 zone...but also included in the picture, just 30 yards further up the road, is the sign declaring a 40 limit. Bastards. We drove down the same stretch of road yesterday, carefully observing the speed limit, and we had cars crawling all over the back of us. And now Mrs Infoholic is spending half her time looking down at the speedo, when she should be watching the road. Congratulations Mr Plod, you just made the roads more dangerous.

The reason I post this up is not a rant, but to ask advice in case anyone with experience reads this - the charge sheet thingy says she was travelling north. However, the photo clearly shows her travelling SOUTH. Can we get the charge thrown out for this, and if so, what is the best method of doing so ?

Pub Laws

Marvellous double standard on display in the Telegraph today, with them coming out against the proposed smoking ban.

I particularly liked this bit.

"Ministers, however, do not believe we can be trusted to decide these things for ourselves. As with pistol-shooting, smacking, hunting or eating beef on the bone, their first instinct is to proscribe what they do not like."

And how exactly does this statement reconcile with the Telegraph's ongoing campaign AGAINST the Government's plans for 24 hour opening ?

The people know best...err, except when we say they don't...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bird flu

Busy at work at the moment, so I apologise to my reader for the lack of posts, but this Bird flu crap prompts me to write.


Now I'm no medical expert, but surely the lethality of this thing is down to the fact that nobody has any antibodies that recognise it and attack it.

In order for it to be transmitted from human to human, it has to swap genes with an existing strain.

Won't the swapped genes then be spotted by the antibodies ? Hence making it...errr...a lot less lethal ?

If not, then if it's killing all its hosts, won't it stop spreading awful quickly anyway ?

Either way, I don't see why this is any different to any other virus myself...