Thursday, May 19, 2005

Candid Camera

Ananova - Photographer criticised

I'm sorry, but anyone who cycles carrying an umbrella deserves everything they get.

Perhaps my brother-in-law would like to comment, as I understand he's got recent experience in the field ? :-)

Who you calling crazy ?

Stealing is bad, I think we all agree on that. Re-cycling however, is supposed to be good, right ? And working in IT as I do, we're always being encouraged to re-use code. Therefore, I have 're-used' this article from the Telegraph, via Tim Worstall. I have no comment to make about observing any of this behaviour at my place of work whatsoever.

New psychiatric conditions appear to be being discovered on a weekly basis.

Acute Change Managementism: The desire to start more change management programmes even before the last (failed) one can be properly evaluated.
Adult Consultancy Dependency: A regression to a child-like state on expensive management consultants who encourage that dependency. This leads to an inability to make decisions without consultants at hand.
Award-Seeking Addiction: A total inability not to waste time, money and effort chasing some meaningless government-sponsored industry award, plaque or badge.
Chronic Appraisal Phobia: A fear to doing staff appraisals while expecting one's boss to appraise oneself. It can involve rehearsing improbable explanations as to why appraisals are unnecessary.
Lock-up Memory Loss: A fugue like state that forgets all HR failure while remembering even partial success.
Comp & Ben Disorder: An obsessional condition brought on by Hay Point Addiction and legal cost phobia. It maybe accelerated by bench-marking others' salaries.
Creativity Finding Delusion: The belief that everyone is creative; that creativity is desirable in everyone; and that a few expensive courses can unblock and unleash creativity, even in health and safety experts.
Delayed Board-membership Ulcer: A stress condition caused by worrying if an HR manager will ever (or worse deserves to be) promoted to the board.
Email paralysis: A new condition caused by being so frequently flooded by emails that one has no time to formulate a considered response.
Hysterical High Flyer Mania: The belief wunderkinds can be found that will save the business. It involves frantic searches and often ends up by promoting good looking psychopaths.
Mild Meeting Madness: A very common complaint which is the belief that a) meetings work b) achieve anything c) they improve decision making.
Narcissistic Organogram Condition: A delusion caused by fiddling around with the organisational chart in the belief that a) it is important b) anyone pays attention to it and c) one can promote HR by doing so.
Decision Procrastination: A common condition caused by massive discomfort in making tough, decisions about staff cut-backs, lay-offs or pay reductions.
Repetitive Innovation Syndrome: This results from both a failure to learn and an addition to innovation programmes that promise much and deliver nothing. The results can be innovative phobia on the part of staff.
Restructuring Fatigue: The belief that the solution to all business problems lies in restructuring.
Teamitus: The insistence that everyone does and should work in teams. This involves commissioning sadistic ex-corporals to teach the benefits of interdependent teams on cold, wet Welsh hillsides.
Trainomania: Going on wacky, fashionable and unnecessary courses and coercing others to do likewise.
Shareholder Halo Illusion: This is the belief that the shareholder appreciates what one is doing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

PlayStation v XBox

BBC NEWS | Technology | Sony shows off new PlayStation 3

My oldest son, who will be six soon, has been telling all and sundry that he's getting an XBox for his birthday. His uncle's got one, and he loves to play Sonic Heroes (among other things) on it. However, with both Microsoft and Sony unveiling their new offerings, and only the latter saying their new product will definitely be backwardly compatible, I may have to nudge him towards a PS2 instead. Frankly, I don't fancy my chances...

Berger set for Aston Villa move

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Aston Villa | Berger set for Aston Villa move

I'm sure they've got this wrong, that would involve spending money. Doug Ellis must have said "I'm going buy a burger"...

Monday, May 16, 2005

Green Day

Not a huge fan of Green Day as it goes, although I did like Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but I have to say their new video, Wake Me Up When September Ends, which premiered here on just about every channel here in the UK over the weekend, is powerful as hell. Featuring an all grown up Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot), it features a couple of young lovers where the boy decides to sign-up and go off to Iraq. Damn good song too...

And how the hell did they release their first album in 1994 ? The lead singer looks about fifteen even now...perhaps it's just 'cos the When I Come Around video is getting more airtime now than it did when it was released, and they WERE really young then.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Constitutional Reform

Ananova - Peers give Labour Lords majority

I think we all agreed that the House of Lords needed reform. But did any of us forsee the disgustingly partisan way that New Labour have destroyed the old system, failed to come up with an alternative, and in the meantime, stuffed the interim with cronies ?

Anyone who doesn't think Blair is very clever and very ruthless, please think again.

The Art of Captaincy

Apparently I'm captaining the cricket team on Sunday. Bit of a new experience, seeings as I haven't skippered a team since I was an under 15 - yeeee-eeees, may have been a while ago. Mrs Infoholic is doing the teas too, which probably gives her more influence on the day than me. Wonder who she fancies to open the bowling...

Blinded by Science

Over the last week, I have had good reason to consider the following question - how does the human eye calculate the trajectory of an object propelled at speed in the general direction of the observer ?

I came to the conclusion that the eye uses the deviation in height and width over time from the object's starting position in order to calculate the projected position as the object passes the observer. The closing speed of the object to the observer is clearly of tertiary importance, as a) it can be derived from the other measurements and b) it is more difficult to judge, being a function of the perceived size of the object over time, which will clearly vary less than the other two dimensions.

All of which helps to explain why the damn cricket ball hit me in the head last Sunday before I even picked up where it was going. The ball basically left the bowler's hand and proceeded in a straight line towards my head. Seeing no horizontal or vertical deviation, my brain only registered the increase in perceived size at the very last minute, giving me just enough time to duck my head enough to take the impact on the ear rather than than the bridge of the nose.

Infoholic UK Retired Hurt 1

Conclusion : Wear a helmet - if a quickie chucks a beamer at you, you won't know until it hits you.

Beefy's not bothered

BBC SPORT | Cricket | England | Botham unworried by batting blips

Ian Botham is clearly a lot less concerned than I am about the form of England's batsmen. On the selection front, if Thorpe is fit, then I would pick him at five, with Vaughan at three and Bell at four. If he's not (and I don't think he will be), then I'd propose a straight swap with Pietersen - we know all about what Key can do and watching him take Bangladesh apart will tell us nothing new, but Bell has one test cap and Pietersen none - if you can't blood new talent against Bangladesh, when can you ? Similarly, I would give Jon Lewis a run at Lord's, see what the lad can do.

My XI : Trescothick, Strauss, Vaughan, Bell, Pietersen, Flintoff, Jones, Giles, Hoggard, Harmison, Lewis.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Malcolm Glazer

Ananova - Fans vow protest over Glazer buyout

I would just like to express my own message of condolence to all Manchester United fans.

Bwahahahahaha ! Bwahahahahahaha ! Capitalism rules - you lived by the sword, now you die by it you hypocritical whingebags. One final thing - bwahahahahahaha !

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mission Accomplished

My favourite result from last week's general election came in Cardiff North

Catherine Taylor-Dawson (Vote for Yourself Party) 1 vote

At last, a politician who lives up to expectations. Well done Catherine !

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Top Order

BBC SPORT | Cricket | Counties | Strauss continues county struggle

Bit of a worry that so many of England's top order haven't found form yet. I'm going to the first test against Bangladesh at Lord's, and they should have no problems there, but the Aussies will be a different kettle of eels...

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