Friday, February 13, 2009


I reckon this weekend's round of 6 nations games is the easiest to call in a long time.

France to whallop Scotland
Wales to easily beat England
Ireland to run up a cricket score against Italy

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Compare and Contrast

Mon 9th Feb : How dare RBS pay any bonuses to its staff ? They are all lazy, corrupt thieves and should be fired, pay back all past bonuses and be publicly flogged.

Wed 11th Feb : How dare RBS lay off 2,300 of its hard-working staff ? These people are not responsible for the credit crunch and without them the bank would have collapsed. They deserve better treatment.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Public Transport

Bus fucked due to Brazil v Italy @ Emiratesn had to walk with dodgy ankle.

Tube fucked., took 25 minutes for what should take 12. Kicked us off the train at Seven Sisters, had to change platforms.

Train fucked. No mention of Tottenham Hale being fucked when we were at Seven Sisters and could have changed, so back we all go. Half-expected no trains from there either, but instead just missed one by seconds, probably half an hour to the next one.

Now I am going to have to call my missus to come and give me a lift from wherever I end up to my normal station in order to pick up my car.

I am officially fucked off.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Changing of the Seasons

Having live tweeted the Superbowl, I can't be bothered to re-hash it all - besides, I had a fair bit of beer and wine, so I don't exactly have crystal clear quality of recall. Great game though - I think that Larry Fitzgerald catch and run was the most excited I've ever been in a Superbowl not featuring the Patriots.

And so the American football season ends. Unless you count the Pro Bowl, which I don't as it's played in Hawaii and is on at too ridiculous a time even for me. Apparently they're moving it back to a rotation on the mainland next year AND moving it two weeks earlier, so it falls in the off week between the conference championships and the Superbowl. Drawback of that is, it reduces the chance of Superbowl-bound players taking part from slim to none. But generally that's only about 2/3 per side max anyway. So next year, I may tune in.

Sweeping in to take its place in my sporting consciousness is the Six Nations. My wife always complains that I'm following something intently at any given moment, and in this case she's right. Will do a longer preview later, but IMHO Wales find themselves in the unfamiliar territory of being strong favourites, largely because England and France are currently trying to identify which players from the new crop are Test standard, which seems to be harder now than ever, and finding a cohesive pattern for them to follow.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Could be worse

So Villa's run of good form and fortune stutters at home again. It could be worse - we didn't lose, Ashely Young's suspension is now over, and Carew came off the bench to feature for the first time in months.

Most importantly, neither Arsenal nor Everton won to close the gap. All right, United won again, but they're likely to go on a ridiculous winning streak to the end of the season anyway and I never saw us staying with them.

Liverpool play Chelsea today, and like Arsenal v Everton in mid-week, there's no such thing as a bad result - we will be level on points with the loser, and a draw will see us breathing down the necks of both.

I still see us ending the season in a dogfight with Arsenal or Everton, depending on how badly our form falls away. The trouble with raised expectations is, anything lowere than fourth will now be seen as a disappointment.