Sunday, February 01, 2009

Could be worse

So Villa's run of good form and fortune stutters at home again. It could be worse - we didn't lose, Ashely Young's suspension is now over, and Carew came off the bench to feature for the first time in months.

Most importantly, neither Arsenal nor Everton won to close the gap. All right, United won again, but they're likely to go on a ridiculous winning streak to the end of the season anyway and I never saw us staying with them.

Liverpool play Chelsea today, and like Arsenal v Everton in mid-week, there's no such thing as a bad result - we will be level on points with the loser, and a draw will see us breathing down the necks of both.

I still see us ending the season in a dogfight with Arsenal or Everton, depending on how badly our form falls away. The trouble with raised expectations is, anything lowere than fourth will now be seen as a disappointment.

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