Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Technically, I'm unemployed at the moment. My contract with my previous employer finished last Friday, and my new one doesn't commence until 12th May. Things to do for the four weeks off in no particular order.

1..Don't die - minimal life insurance at present.

2..Nobody in family to get sick - no private health care.

3..Lots of lunches. Piano Lounge in Epping yesterday - lovely, if a little quiet.

4..Install new hard drive in son number one's PC. Impressive that it packed up only two weeks after I gave it to him. Naturally my new quad core monster ticks along nicely. Replacement drive arrived yesterday, now I just have to work out how to put the bugger in...

5..Fully utilise my leaving gifts. 6 bottles of fine wine and 3 computer games - they know me so well !

6..Generally arse about...stick to what you're good at I say.

7..Five days in Cyprus without the kids - thanks Mum !