Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Technically, I'm unemployed at the moment. My contract with my previous employer finished last Friday, and my new one doesn't commence until 12th May. Things to do for the four weeks off in no particular order.

1..Don't die - minimal life insurance at present.

2..Nobody in family to get sick - no private health care.

3..Lots of lunches. Piano Lounge in Epping yesterday - lovely, if a little quiet.

4..Install new hard drive in son number one's PC. Impressive that it packed up only two weeks after I gave it to him. Naturally my new quad core monster ticks along nicely. Replacement drive arrived yesterday, now I just have to work out how to put the bugger in...

5..Fully utilise my leaving gifts. 6 bottles of fine wine and 3 computer games - they know me so well !

6..Generally arse about...stick to what you're good at I say.

7..Five days in Cyprus without the kids - thanks Mum !


E. Zelinski said...

So, What's Wrong with Unemployment?

Whenever friends or acquaintances tell me that they have either got
fired or laid off their jobs, my response is, “Congratulations.”

After I said this to a friend who quit his job during an economic recession not so long ago, his face lit up, before he started laughing and remarked, “You are the only one who has said this to me. Everyone else is asking me things like ‘How could you during a recession? Jobs are so hard to come by!’ or ‘How are you going to survive?’ ”

I congratulate people who have quit or lost their jobs because I know that for creative and innovative people who want real success in their lives, this is an opportunity for them to go on to something not only better, but something great!

Unemployment is a time to build some real character. Being an optimist when economic times are good doesn't count. I am now 58 years old and have been unemployed for over half my adult life. This is a good thing. Whatever you sow, you reap. If you want to make unemployment a bad thing, it becomes a bad thing. If you want to look at unemployment as a good thing, as I did, it becauses a good thing. The harvest you reap will depend upon the seeds you plant.

Here are two quotes about unemployment from my e-book 1001 Best Things Ever Said about Work (and the Workplace) available at Creative Free E-books:

Getting fired is nature's way to telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place.
— Hal Lancaster

Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to plant a garden.
— Orson Scott Card

Ernie Zelinski
Author of: Real Success Without a Real Job: The Career Book for People Too Smart to Work in Corporations
Featured on The Real Success Resource Center
and The Joy of Not Working: A Book for the Retired, Unemployed, and Overworked
(Over 225,000 copies Sold and Published in 17 Languages)
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Ollie said...

8. Spend those four weeks watching the IPL on Setanta ;-).

Infoholic UK said...

Ernie - wise words indeed, did wonder about changing jobs in my sector during the credit crunch, but after 10 years in the same job, you gotta get out of the rut.

Ollie - LOL ! I did find the time to watch extended highlights of Villa walloping Birmingham via Sky Anytime this morning - does that count ?