Thursday, May 19, 2005

Who you calling crazy ?

Stealing is bad, I think we all agree on that. Re-cycling however, is supposed to be good, right ? And working in IT as I do, we're always being encouraged to re-use code. Therefore, I have 're-used' this article from the Telegraph, via Tim Worstall. I have no comment to make about observing any of this behaviour at my place of work whatsoever.

New psychiatric conditions appear to be being discovered on a weekly basis.

Acute Change Managementism: The desire to start more change management programmes even before the last (failed) one can be properly evaluated.
Adult Consultancy Dependency: A regression to a child-like state on expensive management consultants who encourage that dependency. This leads to an inability to make decisions without consultants at hand.
Award-Seeking Addiction: A total inability not to waste time, money and effort chasing some meaningless government-sponsored industry award, plaque or badge.
Chronic Appraisal Phobia: A fear to doing staff appraisals while expecting one's boss to appraise oneself. It can involve rehearsing improbable explanations as to why appraisals are unnecessary.
Lock-up Memory Loss: A fugue like state that forgets all HR failure while remembering even partial success.
Comp & Ben Disorder: An obsessional condition brought on by Hay Point Addiction and legal cost phobia. It maybe accelerated by bench-marking others' salaries.
Creativity Finding Delusion: The belief that everyone is creative; that creativity is desirable in everyone; and that a few expensive courses can unblock and unleash creativity, even in health and safety experts.
Delayed Board-membership Ulcer: A stress condition caused by worrying if an HR manager will ever (or worse deserves to be) promoted to the board.
Email paralysis: A new condition caused by being so frequently flooded by emails that one has no time to formulate a considered response.
Hysterical High Flyer Mania: The belief wunderkinds can be found that will save the business. It involves frantic searches and often ends up by promoting good looking psychopaths.
Mild Meeting Madness: A very common complaint which is the belief that a) meetings work b) achieve anything c) they improve decision making.
Narcissistic Organogram Condition: A delusion caused by fiddling around with the organisational chart in the belief that a) it is important b) anyone pays attention to it and c) one can promote HR by doing so.
Decision Procrastination: A common condition caused by massive discomfort in making tough, decisions about staff cut-backs, lay-offs or pay reductions.
Repetitive Innovation Syndrome: This results from both a failure to learn and an addition to innovation programmes that promise much and deliver nothing. The results can be innovative phobia on the part of staff.
Restructuring Fatigue: The belief that the solution to all business problems lies in restructuring.
Teamitus: The insistence that everyone does and should work in teams. This involves commissioning sadistic ex-corporals to teach the benefits of interdependent teams on cold, wet Welsh hillsides.
Trainomania: Going on wacky, fashionable and unnecessary courses and coercing others to do likewise.
Shareholder Halo Illusion: This is the belief that the shareholder appreciates what one is doing.

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