Monday, October 24, 2005

Speeding Question

Mrs Infoholic has just got a ticket from a mobile speed camera unit. All of 150 yards from our house, the photo supposedly shows her doing 41 mph in a 30 zone...but also included in the picture, just 30 yards further up the road, is the sign declaring a 40 limit. Bastards. We drove down the same stretch of road yesterday, carefully observing the speed limit, and we had cars crawling all over the back of us. And now Mrs Infoholic is spending half her time looking down at the speedo, when she should be watching the road. Congratulations Mr Plod, you just made the roads more dangerous.

The reason I post this up is not a rant, but to ask advice in case anyone with experience reads this - the charge sheet thingy says she was travelling north. However, the photo clearly shows her travelling SOUTH. Can we get the charge thrown out for this, and if so, what is the best method of doing so ?

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