Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tough Day

I'm feeling a little emotional after today (and yes, perhaps a little tired too), so this is likely to turn into a rant, but here goes.

God I love Britain. The way we deal with tragedy is so fucking cool. People just like us are dying a few thousand yards from where we stand, and what do we do ? We go down the pub, get pissed and make jokes about it.

And here's the crucial thing - WHY do we do that ?

Because we KNOW. We know innocent people's lives have been cut short in their prime. We know there are families who will be devastated by today's events, and may never recover. We know that we can't start to express even one iota of this, even though we all feel it, because it's just too damn painful to discuss. And most of all, we KNOW we have to carry on as if it never happened - and in that is our victory.

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