Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bloody Typical

Clarke wants tougher convict law

Doesn't that just sum up this useless excuse for a Government. Rather than admit they're either incapable or unwilling to enforce our existing laws, simply pass some more draconian legislation to pretend you're doing something about the problem.

And in any case, the problem wasn't that they were asking 'can we deport this person' and getting the wrong answer, the problem was that they weren't asking the question. Passing this law would therefore achieve precisely nothing.

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Phill said...

Under the Conservative government, if a minister was incompetent or involved in a sex scandal they would resign. Blair said he would change this when he came into office...

True enough they no longer resign.

It's not just happening with the government, it's happening everywhere. Wiltshire Constabulary failed to take seriously a womans plea for help that her boyfriend was threatening to kill her. She even told them where he was so that they could apprehend him but they said they were busy "dealing with a distressed dog". The boyfriend then went on to stab her to death.

Although "lessons have been learned" from the token public enquiry, no individuals were found to be at fault. Bullshit! This is impossible. Decisions were made by individual officers and they should be held into account for those decisions. What's more important to a Police Officer than protecting a member of the public?
A distressed dog apparently...

Back to your other point, there were plenty of laws they could have held him under they just failed to do so. The law isn't the problem as you quite rightly point out, it's the useless gits that enforce it.