Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What the hell has happened to justice ?

Dead girl's family attacks driver's 'laughable' sentence after crash

Okay, so I know the family and went to the funeral, therefore I'm not objective, but could somebody please explain to me how drunk you have to be to hit two girls and drive off without noticing ? The guy didn't just hit Natalie, he drove right over her for f***'s sake (according to the medical reports).

Note to boy racers : If you hit someone while high, drive off and hide your car. If you can stay undiscovered for 24 hours, you can't be charged with driving under the influence, no matter how many people saw you getting pissed and driving like a nutter.

Essex police said it had conducted a thorough investigation. "With all the evidence and statements we collated there was no proof that the manner of his driving prior to the crash was dangerous."

Again, under what circumstances can you wipe out two girls without noticing and NOT be driving dangerously ?

Even if you take the driver's story at face value, what the hell happened to people having to take responsibility for their actions ? A seventeen year old girl died, and another lost her best friend and has had to cope with terrible injuries and mental trauma. You shouldn't just be allowed to collect up some litter and walk away from that...

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Phill said...

I'm inclined to agree. How can running over two girls not be dangerous driving?

I remember hearing on the local radio that a guy killed some people in a car crash but the police couldn't take a blood sample because he was unconscious at the time and they needed his permission to do it. He was unconscious due to alcohol not the crash itself.

Naturally this particular law hasn't been changed because there weren't enough headlines in the national newspapers.

I also find it ridiculous that he's only been banned from driving for twelve months. He's already killed someone and seriously injured another, he should be banned from driving for life.

A driving license is a priveledge, not a right. It seems the standards are getting even more ridiculous when it comes to getting a license but once you've got one you can drive like a twat as much as you like.