Friday, April 27, 2007


Via Tim.

I don't normally bother with e-petitions. Total waste of time - the Government's not going to listen.

This one however, is important. An unelected bureaucracy is making a takeover bid for Europe, despite two sovereign nations voting it down, and our Government is complicit in nodding it through - even though it was a manifesto commitment at the last election that they would hold a referendum on the issue.

Once again, I have no hope that the Government will listen, even if they entire electorate were to sign it. However, it may at least succeed in publicising the issue, and embarrassing the equally spineless Tory party into opposing it, and maybe, just maybe, enough Labour MPs will discover a scrap of integrity and defect to scupper the passage of the bill.

Sign it today.

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Phill said...

Firstly in the case of the road pricing petition the government has listened. Instead of their typically arrogant attitude of ploughing ahead regardless they're actually consulting with the public.
So petitions like mine also stand a chance.

Secondly there is no way any treaty that France disagrees with will ever happen. CAP anybody?

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