Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Random Musings

A setback for the Villa at Newcastle last night. Watched in the not-exactly-salubrious surroundings of the Nag's Head on Upper Street. Thought we dominated the game and should have been 2 or 3 to the good before they scored - once they got in front they grew in confidence and we could have lost by 3 or 4. Think some of the squad maybe had one eye on Thursday's UEFA cup game against Slavia in Prague. Ridiculous that for the second time this season we have to play Monday-Thursday-Sunday - you don't see the so called Big 4 having to do that.

Got home uneventfully, moderately the worse for wear, but acceptably so considering 6 hours in the pub. Watched the Colts v Patriots game I'd taped from the previous night. A not entirely unexpected close defeat, but Jabar Gaffney dropped an absolute stone blind TD in the 3rd quarter from Cassell's only decent throw of more than 10 yards all night. More frustration. Game against the Bills this weekend is now crucial - winners will be set fair for the division, losers struggling for a wild-card. Only consolation is that other than the Titans, everyone is beating everyone in the AFC this year, so 9-7 could conceivably get you into the play-offs.

Woke to an extremely sore throat, cough and temperature. Followed my own rules (must go to office after night in pub, even if genuinely sick), and it was miraculously gone after a shower. Very odd...

M25 utterly shagged this morning, with the usual effects on the local roads. Mrs I tried to give me a lift further down the line, but the road south was even worse and we had to turn back. Took 45 minutes to crawl the 2 miles to the local station, not the best way to start the day.

Off to Arsenal v Man U this weekend, courtesy of those terribly nice chaps at McGregor Boyall. Bacon sandwiches and beer from 10:45 in the hospitality area - shall be pleasantly sloshed by mid-afternoon. Would like to see England v Pacific Islands if possible, but will play it by ear.

Have turned into a Facebook whore - gone from 12 to 30 odd friends in the last week. Starting to see the attraction at long last - seems there's a critical mass at which point reward outstrips effort.

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Phill said...

Yeah Facebook's annoyingly addictive.

I watched the game in the comfort of my own flat. I would agree with your analysis.

However I was also disappointed to see the return of 'Villareeing':

Newcastle player shoves Villa player off the ball - nothing

Villa player shoves Newcastle player off the ball - free kick

Newcastle attacker backs in to Villa defender - Newcastle free kick

Villa attacker backs in to Newcastle defender - Newcastle free kick.

Villa attacker goes down injured and Newcastle break - Villa goalie kicks the ball out

Newcastle attacker goes down injured and Villa break - ref stops play

I'd like to think that the result had no bearing on my frustration - I'm pretty sure it was annoying me when it was 0-0.

It's not so bad when it's away at somewhere like St James's Park as the crowd makes a big difference but when you suffer Villareeing at home against United it starts to piss you off.