Tuesday, April 25, 2006

End of an Era

Grandstand finish as BBC blows the whistle

Sad, but to be brutally honest, I'm amazed it's taken this long. They've been scraping the bottom of the barrell for at least five years - apart from the Six Nations, the Beeb no longer have any competitions of note, apart from the odd FA Cup game, which they can't show during that slot anyway.

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icedink said...

A dreadful picture in the Metro this morning of Grandstand presenters David Coleman, Frank Bough, Des Lynam, Peter Dimmock (don't remember him at all) and some other geezer. I always preferred World of Sport - particularly the wrestling (theatrical capers) and, at Tour time, the cycling. Golden days with a black and white TV. Talking of sports presenters, Gary Lineker's brother Wayne has been locked up for tax evasion - did you see that? Cor!