Sunday, April 30, 2006

Resurrecting the Daleks

Watched last Saturday's Doctor Who episode with the kids on Wednesday - tried a little experiment afterwards. I put on the 1983 episode Resurrection of the Daleks from the Peter Davison era. Son number two lost interest and fell asleep, but the older lad was hooked. Strangely, he refers to the Ecclestone/Tennant era Daleks and TARDIS as 'old' and the archive stuff I'm showing to him as 'new' - which I suppose to him it is.

He got very agitated when the Doctor went back to the TARDIS halfway through episode two - "it can't be the end now, Turlough's on the ship". Think he's picked up on a pattern in the current series - the TARDIS generally only features at the start and end of each story. He got quite upset when I turned it off and sent him to bed before the end - but it's a four parter and three hours of Doctor Who is too much even for me these days.

Apart from this story, the only other episode I've got is Tom Baker's penultimate story, The Keeper of Traken. My brother has all the old videos - think I may have to borrow some.

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Phill said...

Take them all, please do. It might give us some room in the house.

He's been putting them all on to his computer of late. I keep telling him to just buy the frickin DVDs instead but he won't have it.

'Genesis of the Daleks' is out on DVD now if you fancy making a fresh purchase.

I'm saving my money for the 'Life on Mars' box set that comes out in a fortnight.