Friday, March 23, 2007

Bob Woolmer

So police finally confirm what I had suspected and feared from the very first, that Bob Woolmer was murdered.

I'm the biggest cricket fan going, but I'm utterly sickened by this and I think the tournament should be cancelled. The ICC needs to send a signal that we would rather shut down the game than have this sort of thing go on. However, money calls the shots, the ICC are probably the weakest governing body in sport today, and so the tournament will continue. "It's what Bob would have wanted" they will say. Bollocks.

The rabid fans from the sub-continent who were chanting "Death to Woolmer" need to look at themselves and re-evaluate their priorities in life and behaviour. But they won't. Animals.


Icedink said...

Utterly shocked by the murder. There was talk in the office the night and then the stories yesterday. To have it confirmed is appalling.

Infoholic UK said...

Well, I'm a Warwickshire fan, and as far as I'm concerned Bob Woolmer was the best coach who ever lived. I had high hopes that he would succeed Duncan Fletcher as England coach, and I'm distraught that he's met such an untimely and unjust end.

Cricket need to get its house in order right now, and that means stopping pandering to the disgraceful behaviour of India and Pakistan just because they bring in the money.