Friday, March 09, 2007

Note to Self

Watch The Great Global Warming Swindle on 4od when you get back from this weekend's stag do in Reykjavik.

Okay, so it confirms my existing prejudices, but what the hell...

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John East said...

The programme was good wasn't it, but I’m afraid that the new religion already has a couple of answers to throw at the heretics, and to keep the faithful loyally donating to the cause.

I’ve seen it acknowledged that the fact that heating precedes any CO2 rise is irrelevant because:

a.) Over previous global warming cycles the initial few centuries when temperatures rose with no change in CO2 levels represents only a small percentage of the overall warming cycle.

b.) Even if CO2 isn’t the driver, it still makes the situation worse.

One would probably have more luck convincing the Pope that there is no God than persuading the ecofascists to reconsider their position merely on the basis of logical argument and new scientific evidence.