Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Aussie Bashing

So we finally thump the Aussies in a cricket match and do I get to see any of it ? No. Played football last night, and after a very competitive game (drew 1-1), wandered down to a couple of local pubs to watch the second half of the game, only to find that neither had Sky any more. What is the world coming to ? Got in the car to head home, and the guy on the radio says Australia are 31 for 7. Excuse me ? Shurely shome mishtake ? But apparently not. Marvellous win, but it probably means nothing for the Ashes - I still think the Aussies will be that bit too strong for us until McGrath and Warne hang up their boots.

Had to drive home the long way in the event - massive fire in an East London scrapyard meant that the A12 was closed. One hell of a blaze - the smoke could be seen from miles away. The road was still shut this morning, but fortunately I come in a different way - nobody in their right mind goes anywhere near the Blackwall Tunnel of a morning...

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