Monday, June 06, 2005

Repeat Business

Near disaster at Infoholic Towers yesterday, as the family returned from holiday to discover that the Sky+ box had failed to record anything from mid-week. What would normally be a minor irritation escalated to a crisis situation when I discovered that we'd missed no less than THREE series finales (Charmed, ER and Desperate Housewives).

Thankfully E4 have a habit of repeating their blockbusters on 'Second Chance Sunday' as they call it, and Living TV were helpfully having a 'Charmed special weekend', which involved them showing all seven series finales, so I guess tonight will be finale night in the Infoholic household after all...never before have I uttered the phrase "Thank God there are so many repeats on TV nowadays".

In the end, the only show I couldn't recover was Doctor Who, but seeings as that's just about the most popular programme in the world via BitTorrent right now, I managed to download that in a couple of hours. Means me and son number one sitting round the laptop one night this week, but what the hell...

Those of you who suspect my choice of viewing, based on the above evidence, involves a criteria regarding the ratio of hot women in the cast, will not be overly suprised to hear that I am looking forward to the second series of One Tree Hill starting later this month.

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