Sunday, November 06, 2005

Compare and Contrast

Well, I've seen two games of football in the last couple of days, but I might as well have been watching different sports - Chelsea and Manchester United are sooo far ahead of Villa and Liverpool it's untrue. United reverted to the 4-4-2 that's served them so well over the last umpteen years; for an hour their pace and passion more than matched the defending champions, and they were good value for their lead - a super header by Darren Fletcher, from the only decent cross that over-rated show pony Ronaldo put over all day.

For the last half an hour, Chelsea's superior technique and effective fitness took over, and they absolutely battered United, but couldn't quite get the goal. Rio Ferdinand proved that when he can be arsed, he really can be a great defender, and Wayne Rooney once again demonstrated that he is well on the way to becoming the best footballer on the planet, with an incredible display of controlled aggression, ball skills and awareness that matched anything I've ever seen from an English player - reminiscent of Paul Gascoigne in his pomp.

And finally, I learned today that qualification for the Villa mailing list's "Old Fart's Brigade" is now defined as having seen the European cup winning side in the flesh - as I went to Villa Park twice as a ten year old in the championship season of 1980-81, apparently this is proof positive that I'm both superannuated and smelly !!!

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