Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I hate being right

Well, two-thirds right anyway - Darius only got a brace against us last night. I'm not sure we could have made the first one any easier for him, but he took the second one well. I always thought he was a good player poorly used, and he seems to be proving that at Citeh.

Villa have real problems - with Martin Laursen seemingly out for the season, we desperately need a centre-back to replace the ineffectual Ridgewell. In theory, any one of Hughes, Bouma or Delaney can fill in there, but the former two are injured and the latter is our only fit right-back, so we can't even do that. Even if Bouma was fit, he'd have to start at left-back - Samuel's been playing injured for so long he's lost all confidence. Until Baros is fit, the team is decidedly one-paced up front, and the lack of flair in midfield is frightening - get well soon Lee Hendrie, all is forgiven !

O'Leary has lost the support of the fans with the team putting in a series of inept and passionless performances, mitigated only by a derby win - he needs results soon or his days are numbered. Another home defeat (on live televison) to Liverpool on Saturday, and he may not survive to see the alleged takeover.

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