Saturday, November 12, 2005

Day and a half

Jayzuz, what a couple of days. Working from 9am until Midnight last night, a long trip home due to road closures and the biggest crash I've ever seen on the North Circular, meaning I didn't get to bed until around 2am. This was then followed up with son number two deciding to get up at 04:30. A further four hours or so in work today, and I'm throughly knackered, but haven't exactly endeared myself to Mrs Infoholic by arriving home just in time to watch the rugby, immediately followed by the football. Thought I'd recovered some Brownie points by agreeing to watch The Stepford Wifes (2004 remake), but having slumbered through that, I'm now fully awake watching the cricket highlights and tapping away, putting me right back in the dog house.

Huge work release early next month, what's known as a 'career limiting opportunity' - failure is not an option, hence the efforts now. The weekend after is Mum and Dad's birthday - as I'll be needing a holiday by then, looks like we'll be travelling to sunny Glos. Hopefully me and Mrs I will squeeze in a trip to see Harry Potter 4 while we're there...son number one apparently doesn't want to go.

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