Saturday, January 02, 2010

General Election 2010

So, there's going to be a General Election this year, probably in May.

I think Armando Iannucci summed it up best, when he likened the prospect of a Tory government to a knee-operation.

“You know it’s going to happen, it’ll get done and you’ll probably walk a little bit better as a result, but you’re not really looking forward to it.”

Truth is, all of the three main parties are left of me and far more authoritarian. I despair of Cameron - unless he's playing a very clever game and is planning to lurch back to traditional Conservative principles after securing the election, I see him nothing more than a slightly less spiteful and more woolly version of Brown/Blair.

However, mainstream thinking goes that UKIP and (even more so) the Libertarian Party don't yet have the following that means they would be anything other than a wasted, or worse, a split vote that lets in the socialists. Given they don't so much count the Tory vote in my constituency, as weigh it, that argument cuts no ice with me. Truth is, I've never lived in a marginal constituency, so my vote has never counted for anything.

So I guess I'll see who's standing in my area and will have the luxury of voting with my heart rather than my head.

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