Saturday, January 02, 2010

A New Decade

Let's be honest. 2009 sucked big time.

Professionally, very frustrating. Trying to stop people making bad decisions all day, every day, gets exhausting after a while.

Financially, well not as bad as it could have been, but the house move we thought would see our boys through until they were ready to leave home, fell through and we're just not getting a sniff for ours at the moment. See what happens in the next few months, but son number one's secondary school allocation may bring this back to the top of the agenda. If that goes wrong and he ends up destined for the local sink school, desperate times may lead to desperate measures.

Personally, it was a new low. My father passing away very suddenly and unexpectedly in May rocked the whole family for the rest of the year. When you see a man who has worked hard all his life enjoy less than two years of his retirement, it makes you question both your own mortality, and your life goals. Thankfully, my wife has been an absolute rock, so even when I felt like I was cracking up, which was probably more often than I let on, I could always come home to her.

So what's going to be different about 2010 ?

Well, as with every year, I need to cut down on the drink and up the exercise. I think the events of last year might actually make me do a little better this year. I'm not going to become a saint overnight, but if I can average one less night of hedonism per week, and one more session at the gym, then that will go a long way.

I tweeted three actual resolutions too. I haven't made any for many, many years, so this is a change.

Resolution 1 : Tweet more often. #nyr 2:40 PM Jan 1st from dabr

Resolution 2 : Resume blogging. Find a theme, build an audience. #nyr 2:42 PM Jan 1st from dabr

Resolution 3 : Meet up in the flesh with the people I only talk to online these days. #nyr 2:44 PM Jan 1st from dabr

Well, have now made a start on the first two...

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