Saturday, January 02, 2010

Sporting Predictions 2010

Random prediction time.

The team that win the toss tomorrow morning in Cape Town will bat and win the match, and the series.

Villa to narrowly miss out on the top 4, but we'll be in at least one cup final.

Patriots to win at home next weekend, but lose away in the next round. Hard to call a Superbowl winner, five very good teams this year, but I reckon the Chargers have the momentum and the best balance and will sneak it.

England to finish fourth in the 6 Nations, beating only Scotland and Italy.

England to lose a key starter to injury before the World Cup finals, but make the semis anyway.

And believe it or not, its another Ashes year ! Australia to win in Brisbane, England in Perth, a draw in Adelaide, Aussies to win in Melbourne, and Swanny to spin us to an Ashes retaining victory at Sydney.

Disclaimer : I am not responsible for any betting losses incurred. However, commission for winnings will be gratefully accepted !

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