Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wild Card I

Watched both NFL play-offs last night - okay, so I watched the second half of the second this morning, same difference.

I'm not sure whether the Bengals and Eagles were dire, or whether two very good defences just made them look that way, but Cincinnati and Philadelphia fans are going to be awful depressed this morning.

The Jets looked solid without being spectacular. They have a tough road trip to either Indianapolis or San Diego next week, and it'll be a lot harder for them to deal with those more multi-faceted offences. I'm hoping that they do us a favour and beat Indianapolis, so if we manage to pull off an upset in California, the AFC Championship game will be at Foxborough. Probably too much to ask for, and I'm not counting my chickens about the Ravens tonight - I think that's going to be very close.

Dallas look like they're on the verge of something special. Solid defence, options in the backfield, maturing quaterback, good receiving corps - potentially they've got the lot. This year may be one too early for them, but they're becoming one hell of a unit.

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